Development Network Platform supports Prisons Department with bulls, rams

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Development Network Platform Gambia, a registered charity operating in The Gambia in partnership with Muslim Help, a German organisation on Friday donated three bulls and three rams to The Gambia Prison Services.

The donation, which is meant for the three prison centers namely, Mile 2, Old Jeshwang and Janjanbureh prisons, will be used as a Tobaski meat. 

Receiving the bulls and rams, Ansumana Manneh, Director General of The Gambia Prison Service on behalf of the three prisons, expressed appreciation and thanks to Mr Abdulla Ehenstein and his team for the gesture, which he said, is trying to better the living conditions of inmates.

Mr Manneh indicated that the gesture is one of a kind in the history of the institution, further promising that this year’s Tobaski will be a ‘memorable one’ for the inmates.

He expressed his resolve to continue working with partners to better the living conditions of prisoners especially their diet, which he said, is one of their main challenges.

Naffie Sonko, vice president of Development Network Platform Gambia challenged Gambians to emulate their association.

She also challenged people to always remember those in jail as we do for hospitals, because if we do not support them they will end up becoming desperate.

She said prison authorities alone cannot do it all, thus the need for Gambians to come on board.

Abdou Willian, Secretary General Development Network Platform Gambia, said their areas of intervention include supporting the poor and needy, building community boreholes, supporting inmates, education and human rights activities.

“We cannot just smile, when there are no smiles in our hearts and minds”, he added.

He thus called on the government to take full responsibility in prison reform system, reminding that prisons are correction centers and not punishment centers.

He made reference to inmates who were pardoned and later came to hold top government offices such as office of the vice president, ministers of finance, local government and lands, agriculture, deputy speaker of the national assembly, ambassadors, top military officials, and other sectors of society. 

Author: Cherno Omar Bobb