Deputies reject Janjanbureh Area Council’s 2014-2015 report

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Finance Public Committee (FPC), under the Select Committee on Regional Government and Lands yesterday rejected the audit report for Janjanbureh Area Council.

Musa Amul Nyassi, the chairperson of FPC described the report of the Janjanbureh Area Council as unacceptable. “We must have to change the manner in which we deliver services to the people we represent; and I am putting it to the council that we are not going to allow you to present your report in the first place talk less of considering it for adoption,” he said.

“We will ask you to go back with your report until such a time when you will be communicated back to appear before this committee.”

Hon. Nyassi further informed the council that the 2016-2017 audit report has already been finalised, adding that if the 2014-2015 audit report with all the queries raised are not addressed, it appears it may be irrelevant for the consumption of the Gambian people. “But what should be done so that Gambian people will see you responsible and delivering the services that is expected of you will be known when you appear before us.” 

Author: Njie Baldeh