Deputies frown at SSHFC activity report

Friday, July 27, 2018

Following a long debate by deputies over Social Security and Housing Finance Corporation 2015 activity report, the Public Enterprise Committee (PEC) chaired by Hon. Halifa Sallah, who is also the member for Serrekunda Central, said they are not satisfied with the institution’s activity report.

Hon. Halifa Sallah pointed out that this is a living document and is what they will present to the National Assembly as part of their report.

“What we deem to be the interest of all sides is that you will be presenting your 2016 activity report and financial statement. We will negotiate with you on your activity report and financial statement and also get you to update this 2015 activity report to be more suitable for presentation before this august assembly.

This, he added, is the decision that is taken, adding that the committee’s work is to examine the fact and interpret those facts in order to determine whether the institution is functioning according to its act or not.

“And then what do we do by way of recommendation to ensure that its core mandate is actually fulfilled.”

Sering Jallow, chairman of SSHFC said they will be presenting the 2016 activity report and that they do agree to work with the subject matter specialists to get a standard format.

Jallow pointed out that this current management, however, is entirely in line with the members and that their focus is to make more money on the monies that are entrusted with them for members, which is the pensioners and the provident fund.

 “We are actually going to focus more on these areas, how we reduce the number of non-performing loans and the amount of non-performing investment and make investment that benefits our members.”

For his part, Muhammeh Manjang, managing director of Social Security and Housing Finance Corporation, admitted that the activity report should be linked to the financial statement.

He indicated that when it comes to the youths and sport, this are donations not actually been fully funded, saying in every institution of public enterprises, you will have this corporate social responsibility that’s what actually transpired in this particular activity report.

Author: Njie Baldeh