Deputies adopt Gambia-Franco Parliamentary Friendship

Wednesday, September 05, 2018

Deputies on Tuesday adopted the establishment of Gambia-Franco Parliamentary Friendship Group between the National Assemblies of The Republic of The Gambia and France.

The motion was tabled by Hon. Muhamed Magassy, the member for Basse. He recalled there was an attempt to establish The Gambia-France Parliamentary Friendship Group during the previous Assembly but could not be achieved.

It envisaged that once it’s established, the group will collaborate to strengthen the already existing cordial bilateral relations between The Gambia and France.

“The establishment of the aforesaid Parliamentary Friendship group between the two legislatures will enhance cooperation and render support to each other on key areas such as development cooperation, legislative support, governance, technical assistance, as well as further boost people-to-people relations among others.”

The Basse lawmaker acknowledged that The Gambia and France have been great friends and since independence, the two countries were cooperating on areas such as agriculture, technical assistance, ICT, infrastructure and tourism.

Hon. Magassy told deputies that the diplomatic ties between the two countries started since independence and that both countries have continued to showcase the political and mutual trust, economic and trade cooperation, as well as people-to-people exchange programmes.

Recognising the great importance France attaches to its relations with The Gambia by providing the necessary support to The Gambia’s membership, the group shall be nominated by the Committee of Selection in accordance with the Standing Orders, he said.

Author: Njie Baldeh