Dembo Badjie publishes book on outlook on governance and admin in Gambia

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Outlook on Governance and Administration in The Gambia is a seventy-three-page handbook recently published by Dembo Badjie.

Dembo Badjie is a retired civil servant who served in various capacities in the civil service of The Gambia, ranging from professional administration to diplomatic functions.

In the foreword section of the book, the author noted that the book primarily seeks to address the changing face of administration in The Gambia in terms of procedures, processes, and practices.

According to Mr Badjie, it would provide useful insights into the system of governance and how to ensure that the administrative order is followed to ensure effective and efficient implementation of the policy decisions of the government by civil service.

Furthermore, it would give public servants not only a basic knowledge of administration in The Gambia, but also enhance their reflections on the anomalies and distortions on how government works in The Gambia.

“I thought after over three decades of lengthy service to my country, I should endeavor to pass on my experiences to the younger ones in the service, to those who are in the academia and to those clueless in how administration proceeds in government, Mr. Badjie said.

In his statements, Alhaji Fafa E. M’Bai, said that the public service of The Gambia, like that of most African countries, is no longer expected to be a vehicle for only the maintenance of law and order.

“It is now seen as a catalyst for national development and a vehicle that ensures that the benefits of economic and social progress are accessible to all,” he said.

He said that the mission statement of the Public Service of The Gambia is consistent with this role and was to develop and sustain a cadre of public servants and service that is effective, efficient, dynamic, productive and responsive to national goals and objectives.

The book is written to serve the current service men and women with knowledge, students aspiring to be public servants and politicians with guidance on how a true administration works in The Gambia.

He said Mr. Badjie has carefully sieved out his government experiences from the three Republics he served and has laid out the structures that were as against the structures that are today.

Author: Fatou Dem