Delegates lament lack of mattresses

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Delegates for the 2017 NaYConF in Basse, Upper River Region have decried the lack of mattresses.

Most of the regional delegates complained that they were allocated mattresses that were far from being able to cater for even a quarter of their delegates.

Some regions said they were only provided with 15 mattresses when they had up to 200 delegates to cater for.

Lamin Ceesay, head of delegation for Kanifing Municipality said they arrived in Basse on Friday but the place was not fully prepared as they received their mattresses late with their participants having to manage and squeeze to sleep.

Mr Ceesay said their expectations are very high because they know this year’s NaYConF is one with a difference.

He said that they are not competing in sports and culture but participating to ensure their skills and talents are nurtured and showcased for the entire country to see.

“I am sure there will be a great outcome in this year’s event,” he concluded.

Fatou M. Secka, a participant for KMC, said they were not pleased at the beginning when they arrived and witnessed the unfortunate situation of lack of deliverables but are at the event to make KMC proud.

Bubacarr Jallow, another participant for KMC, said they came with a purpose which is to participate and no matter what happens they are ready to stay till the end of the event.

Albino F. Gomez, Chairperson of West Coast Region Youth Committee said NaYConF is an activity of difficulties but that would not stop them from participating in future events.

.Musa Jarra, Regional Youth Coordinator at West Coast Region said they put in place a lot of things as a region but when they arrived at Basse they found out that there weren’t enough mattresses for their participants.

He pointed out that they were only given four rooms for their 175 participants to share, adding that apart from their governor and chairman, the other dignitaries from the region were not catered for.

Fatou Jobe, Sports Assistant at West Coast Region Youth Committee said as an asthmatic patient the environment was not conducive for her because there was plastic dust.

She added that they prepared themselves in the best way possible and even if the National Organising Committee did not deliver up to expectation they could participate well.

Issaha Dem, a participant for Banjul said he was not disappointed because that was the nature of the National Organising Committee.

He said some of their delegates spent the night outside as there weren’t enough mattresses for participants.

Ellen Gaye, a participant for Banjul said she slept on the floor due to the inadequate mattresses on the day of their arrival.

Modou Lamin Bah, Chairperson of Banjul Youth Committee said when they arrived, logistically so many things were not in place but they were fortunate to bring along some mattresses which some of their delegates used.

“The National Organising Committee only provided 15 mattresses to us and we provided 60 for ourselves,” he added.

Author: Cherno Omar Bobb