Defense cross examine Kafu Bayo in NIA 9 trial

Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Two defense counsels, Ibrahim Jallow, counsel for the 2nd accused person, Louie Richard Leese Gomez and lawyer Saikou Fatty for the 4th accused, Babucarr Sallah, Tamba Mansaray and Lamin Darboe yesterday, 5th of June, 2017 continued cross examination of Kafu Bayo, the 17th prosecution witness in the criminal trial involving the State and now eight accused persons allegedly charged with the murder of Solo Sandeng, the late UDP activist before Justice Kumba Sillah-Camara at the High Court in Banjul.

Responding to questions posed by lawyer Ibrahim Jallow on behalf of the 2nd accused person, the witness told the court that as at on the 14th April, 2016, he was the chairman of UDP in Tujenreng in the Kombo South District of West Coast Region.

Kafu Bayo said he was part of the organisers of the April, 14th 2016 UDP protest, adding that the issue of obtaining permit for the protest was the responsibility of the late Solo Sandeng who was at the time their leader.

Kafu Bayo told the court that prior to holding the protest Solo Sandeng informed them that he would be going to obtain permit for the protest and promised to inform them once he gets the permit.

The witness told the court that they were later informed that things were ready and they can proceed to carry out the protest.

Kafu Bayo testified under cross examination that when he was informed by Solo Sandeng that things were ready for the demonstration he went as he has no reason to doubt him.

The witness disclosed that when the PIU officials arrived at Westfield and started arresting them, they did not ask them (the demonstrators) permit but rather jumped on them and started beating them.

Kafu Bayo told the court that Ebrima Jabang, the 16th prosecution witness was among them and was also beaten and thrown into the truck by PIU officials.

Asked what the PIU officials used in beating them, the witness replied that some of them used batons and other were beating them with their bare hands, adding that he was slapped until he saw the world turning round.

 Kafu Bayo revealed that it the same PIU officials that arrested them that escorted them to the NIA Headquarters in Banjul.

The witness explained that they were meant to lie on the pick-up van cabin floor, handcuffed and chained, whilst some PIU officials were standing on them.

Furthermore, lawyer S. Fatty asked the witness if he knows that there are laws in this country and he also asked the witness if he is a law abiding citizen.

These questions were met with objection raised by lead counsel, Antouman A.B. Gaye and the objection was sustained and he was asked by the court to ask another question.

Hearing continues today. 

Author: Bruce Asemota