Declaring oneself as “Yoruba King” in Diaspora is dubious

Thursday, January 10, 2019

A Yoruba man from Nigeria has told our reporter in a recent interview that if a person declares himself as “Yoruba King” in the Diaspora without passing through any Yoruba traditional lines, heritage or no approval from any Councilor of Yoruba King in Nigeria tantamount to a dubious act.

Akinrogun Victor Adewale also called on all Yorubas to disown any person who gives him or herself a Yoruba King title in any form. “We will not welcome any fake Yoruba King title in the Diaspora and no Yoruba in any part of the world should crown himself as Yoruba King in the Diaspora because if anyone dose it, he is doing a wrong thing,” Mr. Adewale said.

He said no Yoruba should listen to those type of so-called kings, describing the act as equal to dubiousness. He said they never saw someone crowning himself as a Gambian chief in Sweden or any other part of the world. “So why should a Nigerian give Yoruba Kingship title to himself outside Nigeria?”

According to Mr. Adewale, they are not fighting for or against anyone but they are only educating the Yorubas in the Diaspora for them to ignore those people who crowned themselves as Yoruba Kings.

He suggested to all Nigerian nationals and particularly the Yorubas that if anyone wants to become a Yoruba King in the Diaspora, he must go back to Nigeria and get approval from the Council of Yoruba Kings.

Issue of OPU

Mr. Adewale explained that the Oodua Progressive Union (OPU) is a global organisation operating in 84 countries, with benefits from networking among members through the OPU worldwide platform.

He said it also enable all the Yoruba sons and daughters to identify their roots, interact as sons and daughters of Yoruba ethnic group worldwide, open their eyes into good business worldwide. “Back home in Nigeria, we have decided to build an Oodua Progressive Union Estate (OPUE) and the founder of OPU was Dr. Otunba Gani Adams who is the 15th Are Ona Kankanfo of Yorubaland in Nigeria,” he said.

According to him, they have purchased a land for the estate project on which they are constructing 120 houses so that every member of the Yoruba Community, whether in the country or outside can own a compound.

He said OPU was founded in 2011 by Dr. Otunba Gani Adams in UK and he has the highest Chieftaincy Yoruba title in Yoruba land. “If anyone wants to become an OPU member, he or she must first be a member of the Yoruba ethnic group.”