Daughters of Africa Foundation holds Oral history seminar

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Daughters of Africa Foundation, a UK-based charity in collaboration with Inspiring Young-Stars recently trained youths on various techniques of oral history.

The day’s interactive session brought together youths from different communities and it was designed to enable them acquire requisite skills on oral history.

Shamah Webb, a lecturer from the University of West England said the training is part of efforts to train youths to better understand oral history.

‘’We are trying to connect young people with their oral history, they might not know. A lot of youths have asked interesting questions, and they are really engaged with it’’.

‘’I feel like everyone is quite engaged, and I am quite comfortable with their level of engagement, also they are interested in what we are doing’’.

Odiri Ighamre, Director Vessel UK Programme Manager said the training will serve as a great renaissance for young people to know their stolen history.

‘’African history has been basically turned away from us by conquerors, so that we will not value ourselves as part of a tool of colonisation’’.

‘’In places like the UK, they have a book on what to do when you want to colonise the people, and to destroy their history as much as possible, to destroy and to impose a language that is not their own. These are the things that weakened the people so that we could be enslaved, and so that our resources can be stolen.’’

Author: Sheriff Saidykhan