Darboe denounces corruption at senior level

Monday, June 24, 2019

Secretary general and leader of the United Democracy Party (UDP), A.N.M. Ousainou Darboe, has spoken against the ongoing corrupt practices by senior government officials, saying their attitude only discourages the country’s development ambition.

Darboe was recently speaking to hundreds of UDP supporters at an organised political rally over the weekend at Brufut, Kombo North District.

He said the development ambition of any nation is largely challenged by its record of corruption practice at all levels of national functions, stating that for any country to attain its development objectives, it should wage a war against corruption to make sure that transparency and accountability are promoted at every sector of the economy.

Mr. Darboe opined that in order to achieve a corruption free nation, one should make sure that the senior government officials first refrain from any corrupt practice at all national development sectors of the country’s economy.

“If we are talking of how to put an end a total corruption practice in the country, this I think should first begin with the senior government officials,” he said. “This is because corruption can never be curbed when such senior government officials who handle our national resource are every day engaged in the corruption practices.”

“So the idea of a free corrupt economy should first start with such senior government officials.”

Speaking on the future development targets of the UDP, Mr. Darboe said the party when elected to power, can within its five years of leadership provide millionaires in the country. He cited the available marine resources and the already fertile land area, which he said can be used to enhance agricultural production of the country, while providing employment opportunities for many citizens.

“I can strongly tell you that UDP as political a party has all the abilities of creating millionaires in this country, and if I say millionaires, I do not mean each person having only one million, but millions instead,” he explained. “This is simple to achieve because when we take a full advantage of our marine sea resources and in addition to the fertile agricultural land, we can provide millionaires in this country when given the opportunity with trained skills to work on those areas.”

Author: Yusupha Jobe