Dairatul Muklisina holds 7th Annual Conference

Thursday, May 02, 2019

The Islamic association, Dairatul Muklisina Wamuklisati of Medina Salam in Senegal over the weekend held a night long annual Islamic conference and Gaamo at Sareh Bigi village in Kombo South.

Organisers say this is the 7th annual religious conference where Islamic matters are discussed, including the way forward for the community.

Village Alkali Biram Bah said they started organising the annual gathering when their Grand Marabout Alagie Modou Touray Fallou asked his elder son Sering Basirou Touray to organize a yearly conference in the community.

He said the Grand Marabout had some students from the community who he was lecturing on Islamic knowledge. “We are very much thankful to the Grand Marabout and his son for ensuring that such a small community is able to hold a conference where people from diverse places would converge and listen to the Islamic preaches of the Marabout.

In his summons, Sering Basirou Touray advised the gathering to work hard in the proclamation of the religion, stating that Islam has given every possible environment for a person to perfectly practice his or her Islamic religion.

He also advises Muslims to fear Allah, saying that no one on earth, despite his status can march the powers of the creator. He prayed for the continued development of the village. “Lets us have in mind that the world will one day come to an end and every one of us will face our creator for examination. So, this has to teach us that we need to prepare ourselves very well for that day.”        

Author: Yusupha Jobe