D3.3M Maternity clinic handed to Toubakolong

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

A multi-million dalasi maternity clinic funded by Unomasuno, a Spanish charity in partnership with Future4All, a Dutch NGO was recently handed over to the community of Toubakolong in North Bank Region’s Upper Niumi District. The health clinic was constructed at a tune of D3.3M.

Chief executive officer of Unomasuno, Marco Marino reminded that a facility is nothing without the community taking ownership of it and making it functional.

Mr. Marino, who has been working with the community for the past 15 years, told the people of Toubakolong that it is their support that will make the project a success.

He further told them that they should not allow anyone to die at the clinic due to lack of fuel, while calling on government to support the community in ensuring that everyone has access to good health. “We want to see a functional maternity clinic. You have to take the lead from now on to ensure the project is sustainable.”

Ousman Sarjo, regional principal nursing officer expressed delight with the initiative, saying it would have taken government time to build such facility in the village.

According to him, it is challenging to meet the health demands of people, further thanking both organizations for their efforts. He acknowledged that maternity mortality is high in the country and as such the organizations’ efforts would help a great deal in reducing it.

Mr. Sarjo expressed their readiness to ensure that more nurses are brought to serve at the clinic.  He said that Toubakolong is far from Albreda and that transportation is another problem coupled with bad road network.

Haruna Ceesay, a nurse midwife said the project will help improve the health status of women and children in the area.

Mr. Ceesay, who is also the project coordinator of Future4All, thus called on men to join in the fight against maternal mortality.

Alkalo of Toubakolong, Sheriffo Samateh thanked the organisations for their generosity, promising that they will ensure the sustainability of the project. 

Author: Cherno Omar Bobb