Cuban Medical Team holds 16th Scientific Forum

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Cuban medical team in The Gambia Saturday held their sixteenth scientific forum to further their research and share experience among themselves. The forum was held at country’s major referral hospital; the Edward Francis Small Teaching in Banjul.

Cuban Ambassador Lazaro Herrera said the forum is meant for studies, analysis, experiences and efforts sharing by a group of enthusiastic Cuban and Gambian professionals who, without abandoning their fundamental duties in the different regions where they provide services, have dedicated part of their time to research inspired by the purpose of offering the best of their medical experience to The Gambian population.

“There is no more noble or honorable work than what you are doing. With the celebration of these events, different generations of Cuban health personnel who have served in The Gambia in different period of time, have being coming here. The initiative first introduced by Fidel Castro, the main inspire of scientific research in Cuba,” he stated.

Ambassador Herrera said this year, a group of Gambia health professionals have joined their Cuban colleagues to carry out several research projects. He said that is hopefully the beginning of a new joint effort that can lead to a greater achievement and a stronger integration between health workers of both countries.

Head of University of The Gambia Basic Science department Rebecca Lahera Cabrates said their work in the country is hard but they rejoice at helping in the health and well-being needs of the people and collaborating in human resource improvement. “Today is a day of scientific festivity where we will see our daily work turned into science. Let this gathering be a greater commitment with our work in the teaching, research and medical services.” 

Author: Pa Modou Cham