Crimes constitute major violation of human rights… Says CJ

Friday, April 27, 2018

The Chief Justice Hassan B. Jallow has lamented that crime and criminality today has always constitute a major violation of human rights and a major challenge to individual wellbeing both physically and spiritually.

This, he added, also violates the security of individual rights and to the stability and continued cohesion of communities.

CJ Jallow made this disclosure on Wednesday in his opening remarks at the West African Stakeholders’ Consultation on the theme - Emerging Trends on Complementarity at a hotel in Kololi

He maintained that relatively new, international and trans-national crimes ranging from genocides, crimes against humanity, war crimes to drug trafficking, trafficking in person, corruption, etc, posed threats to not only individual security, but also has the potential to undermine the very fabric and cohesion of community.

Thus, he calls for continued pursuit of policies in combating these serious crimes.

‘Initially, I guess with priority to preventive measures based on respect of human rights and the rule of law, on one hand. On the other hand also; with robust but humane law enforcement measures and policies.’

He recalled that just over seven decade ago, in the face of the devastation of the Second World War and in the light of the crimes committed by war time leaders, international community decided to establish an international judicial mechanism in the form of the International Military Tribunals to prosecute Nazi leaders.

Author: Sheriff Janko