Cricket Association targets to promote the game nationwide

Tuesday, September 03, 2019

Gambia Cricket Association president, Johnny Gomez said the purpose of his Association organising a summer camp training for students on the core values of cricket was to promote the game in all the regions of the country and to create awareness about the game.

Speaking at the training, Mr. Gomez said children are not only trained to be good cricketers but are also provided with core values that can make them professional cricketers.

Cricket was one of the most popular games in The Gambia that was introduced by the British. As its popularity began to collapse, The Gambia Cricket Association is trying hard to revive the game.

Vice president and the program coordinator Mbye Dumbuya said cricket is a game that develops IQ, as it requires both theoretical and practical reading on operations. He highlighted some of the strategies his Association is making to develop the game in the country which include selection from high school to enable students to have more experience of the game before being selected to play for the national team. “To have a good cricket system, a better foundation must be laid.”

Trainer and Coach Bakary Camara said by getting students at the grass root, cricket game will be elevated in the country, saying children at their tender age should be exposed to the game by sensitizing and training them on how to play cricket.

A cricket trainee, Abdou Rahman Jallow said what inspired him to play cricket was seeing the game as a disciplinary activity. “It inspires a person to be a disciplined individual. So, I advise other youth who are not involved in the game to be part of it.”

Author: Kaddy Cham