CPR can save lives through education – RN Baxter

Friday, June 28, 2019

Big Dreams Inc director of Nurses, Janet Baxter, said Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) - a medical technique for reviving someone whose heart has stopped beating- can save lives through education, saying its understanding can allow a person to save lives in emergencies, where medical personnel is not available.

A United States-based registered nurse, Mrs. Baxter, who was in The Gambia earlier this year to conduct CPR education and training for communities during this year’s Big Dreams Inc international medical relief organisation and health ministry’s free medical and dental relief mission said many people have showed interest in CPR, particularly young people.

She said if a person has a heart attack or heart issue and CPR is applied on him, he can stand lifesaving chance before help arrives. “It is an honor for me to serve Gambians.”

Dominiquera Cherif-Sonko, chief executive officer of Big Dreams Inc said there is dire need for CPR in The Gambia, not only for children but everyone, saying many lives can be saved through CPR training.

Caroline Yu, a dentist with IMR said it felt really good for her returning to The Gambia to offer free medical and dental relief services to the people. “People have to avoid long use of chewing stick and start using the toothbrushes and paste that were given during the medical and dental relief mission.”

Mamina Ibrahim Sonko, founder of Big Dreams Inc thanked the IMR team for their commitment in helping Gambia, saying he left The Gambia in search of knowledge, came back and help Gambians at the age of 17, which led to him founding IMR.

Author: Cherno Omar Bobb