CPC warns against “false, misleading” adverts of traditional Medicine

Monday, July 16, 2018

Gambian traditional medicine practitioners have been ordered by the country’s Consumer Protection Consortium (CPC) to immediately cease what it calls “false and misleading” advertisement, warning that legal action will be taken against defaulters.

The Consortium also asked all media houses and affected parties to put an immediate stop to advertisements of traditional medicine through their medium. “Failure to adhere to this order may result in filing a formal complaint for appropriate action and prosecution of both herbalists and media houses concerned.”

The Consortium further stated that majority of the traditional and herbal medicinal adverts are in contravention of the Medicines and Related Products Act 2014, Section 21 on advertisement and promotion. “The Consumer Protection Act 2014, Section 12 (regulation 1) states that Advertisements shall conform to the rules of decency, sincerity and shall not exploit superstition, ignorance or fear.”

They said the Consumer Protection Act 2014, sets minimum requirements and standards for advertisements and promotions by licensed companies, businesses and individuals.