Councillor Jammeh electrifies Bundung Borehole Cemetery

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Councillor of Bundung Six Junction ward has recently brought a project in Bundung borehole where he electrified the ward’s cemetery.

Sulayman Jammeh said the project cost him 30, 000 dalasi with the intention to develop Bundung, telling the beneficiaries that even though he is not their Councilor, but as far as he is concern, his development priorities have no boundaries.

According to him, the electrification project was installed to help during night burial and to provide some sort of security at the cemetery yard.

He commended Kanifing Municipal Council Mayor and Councillors, Contestants Councillorship Association of Bundung, Bundung Farokono Islamic Youth Association for Development and Bundung Wards Development Committee for their support.

Mr. Sanyang said, electrifying the cemetery was his second project, saying the first electricity project he installed was at Bundung main cemetery.

Councilor of Bundung Borehole Ward, Lamin Darboe commended Mr. Jammeh for the good initiative he brought to his ward, assuring his colleague Councilor of his unflinching support and partnership at all-time.

He equally appealed to the Mosque committee to take good care of the project for it to last long while explaining that Councilor Jammeh’s work was geared towards promoting Islam.

Imams of Bundung Farokono and central Mosques, Ousman Boye and Muhammad Lamin Jaiteh both thanked councillor Jammeh for bringing the project for them.

They described Councilor Jammeh’s project as Islamic, saying that is what is expected of every true Muslim, if they have the means rather than spending their wealth on things that are un-Islamic.

“As Muslims, we need to invest into something that would promote and propagate Islamic teachings for our benefit, both here and hereafter,” they said. 

Author: Fatou O Barrow