Controversy hits SESDO Nawettan

Monday, October 15, 2018

(Thursday 11th October, 2018 Issue)

Controversy erupted in the 2018 Senegambia Real Estate sponsored Serrekunda East Sports Development Organization (SESDO) knock-out cup leading to an impasse which prompted the calling-off of the game between Falcons and London United at the Serrekunda East mini stadium.

T. Central invaded the pitch with a claim that they were supposed to play their game against Falcons before anything else.

The Falcons head coach said it was unfortunate after they prepared for the game and it turned the other way round but all what they could do was to wait for the organizing committee to sit over the issue.

Assistant head coach of London United John Mendy said, “We have been hearing rumors circulating that T. Central will be coming for their game but what we know is that we are playing against Falcons.”

Alkali Jammeh, Public Relations Officer of SESDO said it was unfortunate that it happened like that, emphasizing that Serrekunda East is run by rules and regulations and that was what they are obliged to enforce to the best of their knowledge.

Mr. Jammeh revealed that the incident happened last week when Falcon played their game against T. Central and the game was played until around 74 minutes with about 16 minutes left. Then the central referee called-off the game based on unforeseen circumstances.

 He explained that after the postponement of the game, both teams were represented in a meeting to decide on their fate, adding that both team representatives agreed to play on Monday 8 October 2018 but T. Central failed to honor the game and the points were awarded to Falcons.

He further revealed that the SESDO committee sees this as sabotage and disappointed with the SESDO secretary General for taking sides instead of being impartial.     

Author: Lamin Gibba