Consumers needs to be protected

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Food safety is one of the most important public health issues in the development of any nation. It has also become one of the most challenging social issues in The Gambia that needs to be addressed. Most of the foodstuffs that are sold cheap in our markets especially in the holy month of Ramadan need to be looked into.

Since most people would prefer buying cheap foodstuffs in this holy month, many sellers also prefer to use the same opportunity to penetrate the markets with foodstuffs that are either expired or on the verge of being expired.

Therefore, our public health officials should not underestimate their responsibilities; that it is their duty to inspect by going around to making sure that what is sold in our markets deserve consumption.

It is true that many Gambians prefer buying cheap things for consumption. However, many of these still don’t put into account the expiry date of some of these food products. They therefore need to be protected by authorities by making sure that unfit foodstuffs have no place in our markets.

The recent seizure of a truck-load with rotten eggs is really a laudable move by officials Food Safety and Quality Authority. Had there was no such a move, these rotten eggs would have penetrated our markets where thousands of Gambians would buy for consumption. This type of deliberate and negligence attitude by some business individuals could result to disease out if not detected or thwarted.

In many occasions, we have seen in our markets where boiled eggs being sold at D5. Where is this coming from? Why it was so cheap like that? One may ask.

We are therefore urging public health officials to act before it’s too late. They must act by inspecting our supermarkets, local markets and individual shops to making sure that right and consumable foodstuffs are sold to the people.

We wish to commend the Food Safety and Quality Authority for such a smart and swift move. We know that they did it for the interest of our beloved nation and its people and we encourage them to go ahead with the good job. Food safety is not only one institution’s or one person’s business, it’s should be the responsibility of all citizens and residents because no nation can grow if its citizens are residents are not healthy. 

“Kudos to  Food Safety and Quality Authority for such a smart and swift move ”

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