Consumer Protection train members on food safety

Thursday, December 07, 2017

Consumer Protection of The Gambia recently organized a two-day training workshop for its members on food safety, at the ASSET Bantaba in Senegamba.

Speaking at the forum, Matarr John, executive member of Consumer Protection of The Gambia, said the project called the Green Action Fund was awarded to Consumer Protection of The Gambia by Swedish Society for Nature Conservation through Consumer International.

Mr John added that the project was aimed at promoting safe food in the market place to enhance consumer health and safety and the promotion of sustainable consumption.

The forum highlighted the relevance of The Green Action Week which is celebrated every year during the first week of October and the main focus of the project was to create consumer awareness and advocacy aimed at promoting the objective of the organization.

A good market was organized in partnership with the association of Small Scale Enterprise and Traders (ASSET) to bring together producers of local food products, processed foods as well as body care.

Hon. Ousman Sillah, National Assembly member for Banjul North and also chairman of the National Assembly Select Committee on Health stated that Gambia should shift from being producers of primary agricultural produce which has been the case since independence to add value to its produce.

He also stressed that he has been talking about it and would continue to talk about the need for the local processors and industries to be supported by government.

In declaring the meeting open, Dr. Juka Jabang, an executive member of CPAG remarked that the project was very relevant which could have significant impact on the lives of consumers and vendors.

She thanked the vendors for exhibiting their products on the good market and called for it to be continued.

Dr. Jabang thanked Consumer International for facilitating the funding of this important project and also CPAGs local partner for their collaboration in the realisation of the objective of the project.

The Green Action Fund (GAF) is a collaborative project by Consumer International (CI) and the Swedish Society for Nature and Conservation (SSNC) to promote safe and sustainable food in the Global South.

GAF participants are also a part of SSNC’s wider Global Green Action Week (GAW), an international Civil Society Organization (CSO) campaigning for and promoting sustainable consumption.

Author: Njie Baldeh