Constitutional Review Committee briefs journalists

Friday, August 31, 2018

Members of the press on Thursday were briefed by officials of the Constitutional Review Commission (CRC), as part of the processes in carrying out its mandate.

The briefing was held at the CRC Secretariat at  Futurelect Building, Kotu.

Speaking at a the press briefing, the CRC’s chairperson, Justice Cherno Sulayman Jallow, said the mandate of the CRC is to draft and guide the process of promulgating a new Constitution for The Gambia and to write a report in respect thereof.

“The CRC is guided in the execution of its mandate by the provisions of the Constitutional Review Commission Act, 2017.” Chairman Jallow noted that the Constitutional Review Commission will be engaging all professional bodies in the country to ensure that their voices are heard as the country endeavuors to deliver a better constitutional order.

 “As a Commission, we are committed to working with the media to report and give to take an active part in the constitution making process,” he said. “This critical role that the media play in the Constitutional Review process to credible, accurate, ethical, factual and fair reporting to ensure peaceful and constructive public debate and discussion is very vital.”

Mr. Jallow further informed journalists that the CRC has adopted an open-door policy and will provide information to facilitate timely and accurate coverage of the process as well as to add value to the public consultation process, civil education and further public out- reach activity. 

According to him, the media is the partform for the CRC communication and public out reach programmes for the citizen and the general public, adding that as a commission, “we acknowledge and value your commitment to contribute positively your quarter to national development by being active participant in the constitutional making process.”

“The Commission is committed to ensuring that the Constitutional Review process is guided by high level of participation inclusiveness, independent and transparency that would promote citizenship and ownership of the new constitution that the commission had been mandated to draft.”

“We have invited you here today, as part of our media engagement and dialoge strategy to exchange, update and clearify issues relating to the work of the CRC, some of the challenges and the way forward.”

“We therefore wish to appeal to you to consider dedicating part of your space and air time to covering and highlighting the activities and programmes of the constitutional making process which was commission on June 1st 2018 at State House by President Barrow.”

Chairperson Jallow then added that members of the Commission commenced their work with a lot of commitment and launched a number of processes as part of the CRC mandate.

The CRC is in the process of establishing fully functional secretariat to facilitate the work mandated under the Constitutional Review Commission Act of 2017 and the process of recruitment of support staff of the secretariat is on process.”

Author: Njie Baldeh