Congrats U-20 for the victory

Tuesday, May 08, 2018

  We wish to congratulate the U-20 National team for their brilliant performance in the just concluded WAFU U-20 Tournament last Saturday in which they emerged champions without succumbing to defeat.

The boys have shown that with much needed support, the country has the potential to do and achieve great things in sports. However, congratulation also goes to Coach Matar Mboge, his technical team and GFF officials. The winning of the WAFU tournament is a big boost for Gambian football as we have not in a long time received such glory.

The previous glory was the U-17 in 2005 and 2009 when we were crowned African champions. It is the duty and responsibility of the government to provide preparation for our national teams including clubs representing the country in international competitions.

Government should task parastatals, GSM operators to step in for the development of football. Our footballers and all other athletes should be rewarded and get free education, health care and incentives like bonuses whenever they win international matches.

As we used to say in sports, particularly football is no longer leisure but business. With football, we can earn a lot of foreign exchange - Brazil for example. Sports in general should be looked into and be given due consideration. All school students from nursery to university should be active in doing sports which is not only good for their health but prosperity and wealth if they are committed.

The national conference should be held to look at all the problems of sports in general to be addressed but the key issue is to get money to sponsor them.

Once again, the government should motivate the U-20 which made us proud. We advise authorities whenever the national team travels; it is very important that they are accompanied by a doctor, journalists and a referee. The media is the most important partner and should not be left out whenever there are tournaments or international matches.

Government should be responsible to pay air tickets, perdiems to footballers and officials like many African countries are doing now in support of sports.

We would like to thank President George Weah of Liberia for giving the Gambian players  $10,000

“Work hard, play hard, victory is yours”

The Point