Concerns mount over cost of new ID card

Friday, November 02, 2018

As the noise surrounding the amount involved in acquiring the new national ID cards continues, Gambians in the rural areas are calling on the government to consider reducing the cost to make it affordable for ordinary Gambian. The amount in acquiring the national document, which is pegged at 450 dalasi, is just too much for many.

In North Bank Region village of Sara Kunda as part a two-week civic education public sensitisation campaign organised by National Council for Civic Education (NCCE) in partnership with the Constitutional Review Commission (CRC), residents of the community urged the government to take a serious look into the issue since its acquisition is a concern to many citizens.

For Kebba Sabally the amount in acquiring the new ID card should be seriously looked into, saying as a family man it will be very difficult for him to get the document for himself and to also provide for his family members.

“It will be hard for people like me, students and other living in the neighbouring villages because if you look at the cost involved in paying transport fares and going to Kombo to process the ID card, it is very expensive,” he pointed out.

He thus appealed to the government to reduce the cost so that even the poor would be able to afford it.

Sulayman Colley, also from Sarakunda said paying for more than five people at the same time, is just expensive for him, saying when one combine that amount is even more than the price of a bag of rice which is more of a priority.

Author: Cherno Omar Bobb