Commuters express dissatisfaction on transportation

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Some Gambians within the Greater Banjul Area and Brikama, mainly civil servants who commit to and from work every day, yesterday raised concerns on transportation issues, saying they are not satisfied with the latest behavior of drivers toward them.

“I am disappointed by the behavior of some of the drivers toward passengers on the roads, particularly during rush hours,” one of the commuters, Baba Jobe told our reporter on Tuesday.

He said sometimes passengers have to pay triple fares before reaching home. “In fact, some of the drivers would tell those coming from Westfield going to Brikama that they can only stop at Tallinding or Latrikunda. After Latrikunda, they will decide to take Toboko and then to Brikama which I believe is undone.”

Mr. Jobe suggest that the government should intervene and tell the drivers to stop such ‘bad’ practice, while equally stressing the need for government to help improve car parks and register cars that should run from one car park to the other without malpractice. “I spend 50 dalasis everyday as transport fare which in total is close to my monthly salary.”

Samba Fosseh, a driver blamed their actions on what he called the increment of petrol and taking three fares from Westfield to Brikama was the only way they can sustain themselves and their bosses. “Well, I cannot take Brikama direct because I’m a businessman and I have right to decide how to control my business without any interference by anyone,” Mr. Fosseh said.  

Author: Pa Modou Cham