Community to take ownership of 38 state forests

Thursday, November 09, 2017

The Ministry of Forestry and Environment,Climate change and Natural Resource and its line department would soon transfer 38 state forests to community ownership across the country.  

According to forestry officials,at least thirty-eight communities have been recommended to take ownership of their community forests.

Speaking to reporters, Cherno Gaye, head of the participatory Unit at the Department of Forestry, said what the ministry and its line department are doing now was a process.

He said by Gazette,a notice book indicated that 38 communities that have been in the forest community management process are qualified to take over their community forest reserve.

According to Mr Gaye, before the handing over took place, there was a process and it had to pass through legal process, and now confirmed that all these communities qualified to gain their community forest reserve.

Mr Gaye disclosed that those forest reserves are now declared in the gazette notices as community forests.

He thanked the Ministry of Justice and all others who have contributed in one way or the other in making the process to reach this stage.

“We are also encouraging those communities who are in the process to tell them that one day they will also gain their forest ownership,” he said.

Source: Abdoulie Nyockeh