Community Donation Request

Wednesday, July 03, 2019


Community Donation Request

Hi, I am writing from Oakland, California, and I am currently assisting an impoverished family in Brikama Jalanbang. I just got them into a decent compound in their town, and yet the place only has dirty mattresses. Used bed sets I have learned go for $325 each, and I do not have that kind of money to extend for several beds, as it is for a family of 6. We need 3 entire queen beds with frames and one king-size or cal-king size mattress for the master bed (not sure which). Is there any way to spread the word among parishioners?

Also, my friend Lamin Ceesay in Jalanbang informs me many more are in far worse circumstances. And just last week we succeeded in getting proper medical care for a toddler with retinoblastoma at Sheik Zayed Eye Care Center, as an affiliate of the International Association for the Prevention of Blindness, and after the local hospital had sent the child home with some antibiotics and a diagnosis of “conjunctivitis,” and only after providing a bit of cash to go and see the doctor in the first place, since the doctors with the IAPB were able to diagnose the child’s condition on the picture provided alone from their London headquarters. People in that town have no food security and there are many orphans or one-parent families or merely the very old and the very young who have no way to support themselves. Many families share one filthy mattress… and food is scarce, and in particular for growing children who have to go desperately hungry into the night… Lamin told me that he and his 4 siblings all had to drop out of school 4 years ago because they could no longer afford the fees after their father, a maths teacher, died in a car accident.

Lamin and his family, and really his entire town, desperately needs help from the larger community. His village there he tells me is a mixture of both Christians and Muslims.


Anne O’Neill

Oakland, California

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