Communities trained on improved pit-latrine slab construction

Friday, August 02, 2019

Ten people from communities in Kombo South district last week completed a week training on local pit-latrine slab making by the Din-Ding Yiriwa Federation; a ChildFund The Gambia local partner operating in Kombo North and South districts.

The participants were drawn from different clusters in communities that are under the sponsorship programme of the Federation. They were trained by the staff of regional Department of Community Development in Brikama.

Federation manager Alieu Mendy thanked the participants for their dedication and untiring commitment in the training, saying the modern technique will not only avail them the opportunity to create self-employment but will also assist them to become financial reliant base on the profession.

He said it is one of the objectives of the federation to see the construction of such local made slab-latrine in the entire catchment area under the sponsorship programme of the Federation which, he said will help in the improvement of a clean environment.

“One of our main focuses as a Federation is to see in the next three years, the construction of improved local pit-latrines with locally made slabs for households within our sponsorship catchment areas. Remember that you are trained to provide such needed household services,” he said

Alasana Bojang, trainer from the community development office highlighted the importance of having improved pit-latrines with locally made slabs which, he said is not only good for the improvement of a clean environment but will also provide a well secured and save pit-latrine for families. “It is important that we now graduate from the mere locally made pit-latrines in our households and adopt a bit improved pit-latrine with slabs that are locally made.”

Bubu Jallow, a participant from Sanyang thanked the Federation for providing them the opportunity to acquire skills in local pit-latrine construction with improved hand-made slabs.

Author: Yusupha Jobe