Coastal security launched

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

A new private security company call Coastal Security Limited was launched in The Gambia last Friday to complement the work of the statutory police authorities who are mandated with the primary responsibility to provide protection and ensure a safe and secure environment.

The company was founded in 2017 by a well trained and experienced former British Police Officer. It initially operated as a private Security Management and Commercial Investigation Specialist with the idea to develop capacity and industry knowledge and to bring that experience and training gained from seven years of specialised policing into corporate and community safeguarding.

Coastal Security was conceptualised with the aim of transplanting its operations to The Gambia to provide an additional strategic layer of protection to private businesses and citizens and vulnerable communities in the country.

Imam Baba Leigh, chairman of the Company said knowing the importance of democracy, which cannot go without security, Seedy Sheriff Ceesay decided to invest in security since government alone could not do it all.

He urged Gambians especially those in authority and positions to join hands and work together for the development of the nation, noting that security is lagging behind in West Africa whereas peace and security are one of the crucial ways to develop nations.

Demba A. Jawo, Minister of Information and Communication Infrastructure said government’s objective is to have total security in the country. He said the company would serve as a source of employment for young Gambians, adding Government would continue to create the enabling environment for businesses to operate in the country.

Omar A. Jallow, minister of agriculture called on Gambians living in the diaspora to emulate Mr. Ceesay in contributing to the development of country. “Gambia is a small country and can easily be developed but without security, peace and stability it cannot be realized.”

Delivering the launching statement on behalf of the Minister of Interior, Mbayang Njie said peace and security is top in government agenda to ensure that everyone living in the country is safe.

She commended Mr. Ceesay for establishing the company to complement the efforts of the police and other national security outfits while expressing government’s willingness to work with any security agency that is set up to promote peace and stability in the country.

Seedy Sheriff Ceesay, Managing Director of the company said the aim of the company has become more urgent in view of the changing socio-economic paradigm taking place in the Gambia, adding that Coastal Security is here to contribute its experience, training and its quota to ensuring that Gambia is a safe and peaceful place to do business and to seek leisure.

He added that the Company aims to consistently deliver the highest quality security services to all her clients, bringing innovative ideas and strategies to ensure safety and protection. “We will constantly ensure the success of our business through the commitment of our employees; motivated by continuous development of a committed and ambitious workforce through effective leadership training, incentives and respect,” he said.

Mr. Ceesay said as an organization, they are keen to encourage community cohesion by supporting the employment of local community residents and of young people through schemes such as apprenticeships, internships and work experience.

Author: Cherno Omar Bobb