Coalition breakout only hurts Gambia: says ex-diplomat

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

(Monday, 11 September 2017 Issue)
The ex-Gambian Ambassador to US has urged coalition leaders to put away their political differences and come together to serve this country. The country needs them, he said.

“Let them put away party stereotypes, rhetoric, ideologies and put the Gambia as number one, then politics number two,” Sheikh Omar Faye, who served The Gambia in Nouakchott and Washington under Jammeh, told The Point yesterday evening.

He said whether the transition period is five or three years does not matter currently as there are a lot that needs fixing in the country.

“If the MOU says three and the Constitution says five, they can thrash that out when the time for politics come. For now, let those political differences stay away,” he said.

“Gambians voted them in because they need change and some reforms, not the usual rhetoric. That was why they came together and that agenda was what Gambians both at home and diaspora sacrificed for,” he argued.

“It has been eight months since the country’s transitional coalition government took office. Expectations are high which makes it necessary for the leaders to put their priorities right,” said Mr. Faye, adding that for 22 years Gambians had these problems without being able to provide solutions.

“Now that you have come together to save this country, instead of focusing on what needs to be done to save this country, you are going back to party politics when things need fixing.

The strength that this nation gathered as the force behind the change is being lost or seriously reduced because the leaders cannot unite and focus on rebuilding,” he said.

Faye said the time has also come for the leaders to be told the truth in the spirit of accountability to the people who voted them into office: “No matter where the pendulum of power swings, always stay with the truth…. That is the philosophy of many Gambians right now.”

Author: Sanna Camara
Source: Picture: Sheikh Omar Faye