Civil servants urged to be sincere

Monday, November 06, 2017

Alh. Alieu Jarju, the Director General of the Management Development Institute (MDI) has called on civil servants to be sincere, productive and faithful to the government in whatever they do because they would be held accountable for their actions at the end of the day.

Mr Jarju made these remarks on Thursday at the MDI during the closing of a-2-week induction training for new entrants into the civil service.

DG Jarju added that the duty and responsibility of the new government was to ensure everyone was capacitised, hence they have started the process.

Mr Jarju added: “Whatever we do as civil servants, let us be sincere and faithful to the government we are serving because at the end of the day that is what we will be accountable for.”

He noted that as civil servants they have to serve government to the best of their abilities and not allow themselves to be used by anybody.

 He expressed government’s readiness to continue capacitating civil servants.

Madi O. Jatta, permanent secretary at the Ministry of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology, re-echoed the issue of conduct, describing it as absolutely important in the dispensation of their functions as public servants.

PS Jatta also called on civil servants to abide by the constitution and laws of the country, adding that no one was indispensable and as such their dictates should be within the confines of the law of the country.

He also informed them that public interest was foremost as they are serving the public, adding that they should work diligently in a manner of honesty.

He called on the civil servants to serve the public in an unbiased and partial manner irrespective of backgrounds.

Mr Jatta pointed out the issue of preferential treatment or discrimination among members of the public on account of who they are based on their gender, ethnicity, social origin or religion must be a thing of the past.

He urged participants to replicate and share the knowledge gained to their various institutions.

Musa Camara, deputy permanent secretary at the Personnel Management Office, said an ideal civil service must be non-partisan to enable it serve any government of the day.

He added that government has realised the pivotal role civil servants ought to play under the current dispensation of reforms and their endeavor to achieve their National Development Programs, hence the dire need to cultivate a culture of professionalism, accountability and results oriented approach to their work.

Ebrima Ceesay, permanent secretary at the Office of the President, said government has high regard for the civil service in order for it to be productive and responsive to the needs of the public.

Author: Cherno Omar Bobb