Chinese community in Basse to celebrate New Year tomorrow

Monday, February 04, 2019

China-Aid Project of Road and Bridges Construction in Upper River Region will tomorrow Tuesday 5 February, 2019, celebrate China’s New Year.

The celebration which is expected to be a colourful one will be held at their camp at Mansajang.

The celebration by the People’s Republic of China is expected to last for two hours before they return to their normal road construction.

It would be recalled that in October last year the Ministry of Transport, Works and Infrastructure announced that the People’s Republic of China has kick started the formal process for the construction of Basse-Fatoto - Koina Road and two bridges, namely Basse-Wulli bridge and Fatoto-Passamass bridge.

A team of technicians from China carried out feasibility studies for the construction of the said road and bridges.

At the time, Ambassador Jiming said the timing and relevance of the project for the construction of the road and bridges “signals a renewed and sustained bilateral cooperation between The Gambia and China”.

The project came at the heels of the International Conference Centre project.

The community of Basse and its surrounding villages have expressed joy and happiness over the People’s Republic of China presence and work on their standing road constrain.

The relationship between the People’s Republic of China and The Gambia is aim to fostering a strong development partnership for the Gambia.