Child rights coordinator: Child Rights protection is a priority’

Friday, November 16, 2018

European Commission child right project coordinator, Bridget Tabou Correa said on Tuesday that child rights protection is a priority and must be guarded by everyone to provide a bright future for children.

Speaking at a day sensitisation meeting for civil society organisations and government institutions on child rights and advocacy issues at The Gambia Hotel and Tourism Institute, organised by ActionAid International The Gambia, Mrs. Correa said the project runs from 2016 to December 2018, operating in Lower River, Central and Upper River Regions. 

The sensitization targets at protecting and promoting child rights, identifying gaps on child protection-related legislation, fill the gaps and effectively implement them.

According to her, the project targeted the three regions following a UNICEF 2010 survey that revealed that children from those regions have higher prevalence of child marriage and FGMC. She said the survey also indicated that the three regions have low educational attainment below the national average and inadequate or limited child protection service.

She said the project targets children in and out of school, parents and guardians, community-based child protection structure, community and religious leaders, National Assembly members, law enforcement agency and government officials.

According to the project, children with skills, knowledge and confidence are to understand the rights, seek redress when their rights are violated and participate actively in decision making.

Representative of ActionAid The Gambia, Bakary Fadera said the estimated age of a child is defined as those under the age of 18 years, who he said form about 50 percent of the population.

He said to fulfil the rights of children; Gambia ratified several international legal instruments such as the UN convention on the rights of the child and the African charter on rights and welfare of the child.

He said all these laws were promulgated to guarantee respect for the rights of all citizens especially children, women, CSOs and government, who have key role to play. “We invested in training to acquire knowledge and new skills, with the expectation that our outlook, perspective and behaviour will change towards child rights protection.”

Author: Fatou Dem