Chief justice enjoined new lawyers to adhere to code of conduct

Thursday, June 14, 2018

The Chief Justice Hassan B. Jallow has called on the newly enrolled lawyers to adhere to the code of conducts of the legal profession, noting that their enrollment was based on the outcome they are fit and proper to practice as lawyers in the legal profession.

Chief Justice Jallow made this call yesterday during the enrollment ceremony held at the Judiciary Complex in Banjul for forty new lawyers.

He congratulated the new entrants and pointed out that their enrollment followed the decision of the General Legal Council.

The chief judge said they are not only qualified to practice but also entitled to practice as lawyers as legal professionals in The Gambia.

He entreated them to adhere to the code of conducts of the legal profession and advised them not to allow anything to demean their status.

He further advised them to familiarise themselves with the code of conduct and reiterated that the General Legal Council would tolerate to deal with anyone found wanting.

The attorney general and minister of Justice, Abubacar Ba Tambadou advised the new entrants to discharge their responsibilities to their clients and be truthful to the court in the administration of justice.

The Gambia Bar Association’s president, Rachel Y. Mendy welcomed them to the fraternity of lawyers and the Bar, noting that if lawyers are trusted or considered trusted in the temple of justice they must discharge their legal responsibility with utmost care while adhering to the legal profession code of conducts.

She pointed out that training is a continuous process in the legal profession and as members of the Bar they should be responsible and live up to expectation.

The vote of thanks was delivered by Muhammed B. Sowe one of the new enrollees.

Author: Bruce Asemota