Chief judge set to hear Kuntaur Chairmanship election petition today

Friday, August 10, 2018

Kuntaur Area Council Chairmanship election petition filed by Aussainou Jobarteh, the UDP candidate for the area against Saihou Jawara, Mustapha F.M. Jobe, the returning Officer Kuntaur Area Council and the Attorney General is slated for hearing today (Friday, 10th August, 2018) before Chief Justice Hassan B. Jallow who will be sitting as a High Court judge in his chambers, judicial sources have confirmed.

Aussainou Jobarteh of Kayai Village in the Central River Region North District is contesting results of the 12th May, 2018 Chairmanship election held for the Kuntaur Area Council in which Saihou Jawara was returned or elected as the chairman of the said Council.

Aussainou Jobarteh claimed he voted in the 12th May, 2018 Chairmanship election and has right to be returned or elected at the Chairmanship Elections held for the Kuntaur Area Council.

He further claimed that Saihou Jawara, the 1st Respondent and Mustapha F.M. Jobe, the 2nd Respondent were candidates in the said election and the Returning Officer, the 3rd Respondent returned Saihou Jawara, the 1st Respondent as duly elected.

He stated that Kuntaur Area Council is divided into five Electoral Districts/Constituencies namely; Kuntaur, Lower Saloum, Upper Saloum, Niani-ja, Niani and Sami.He also stated that each of the Electoral District/Constituencies had polling stations which were identified by name as well as code.

He further stated that at the end of the voting, counting of votes took place at the polling stations where voters voted, counting was on the spot, and was carried out in the presence and full view of agents representing and protecting the interest of each of the candidates.

He also stated that at the end of the counting, the presiding officer fills a polling station results form, wherein the records or votes polled by each candidate was recorded, whilst the presiding officer, the agent representing each of the candidates all signed the polling station’s results form to authenticate the results as recorded in the said form.

Aussainou Jobarteh disclosed that during the trial he will produce and rely on the various polling station results form, that were duly signed by the Presiding Officer and the agent for each of the candidate authenticating the number of votes polled by each candidate.

Aussainou Jobarteh claimed that he was duly elected as the chairman of Kuntaur Area Council at the said election held on the 12th May, 2018 and not Saihou Jawara.

It could be recalled that the said petition was filed before the Supreme Court of the Gambia but was dismissed for lack of jurisdiction by the said court.

Author: Bruce Asemota