Chess leaders concludes countrywide tour

Monday, December 24, 2018

Leaders of The Gambia Chess Federation have recently concluded a countrywide tour to meet with Chess Associations and clubs.

The three man delegation comprised of President Amadou Jallow and the first and second vice President Sasuna Mbaye and Habib Mboob, commenced their tour in Lower River Region. The tour was meant to find out constrains of Chess Associations and clubs.

First vice president Sasuna Mbaye said they also met and held fruitful meetings with relevant sports authorities in the various regions.

 He said the authorities, associations and clubs were happy to receive them, noting that they will look into the challenges facing chess associations and clubs across the country and try to assist them, even though the Federation is not financially strong.

Mr. Mbaye said they are trying their little ways to promote the sport in the country, saying “as a federation, we  commit ourselves to address some of the challenges to ensure that chess develops in the regions.”

He highlighted that Upper River Region is ‘crazy’ about chess because during the recent Olympiad held in Batumi, Georgia, two among the female team where from Basse, noting that this has motivated most young people and schools in Basse to take up chess very seriously.

He expressed appreciation and gratitude to Fa Bakary Sanneh, URR regional sports coordinator who, he said has created a chess academy in Basse.

According the GCF first vice president, Chess is becoming a very likable sport in Basse, saying it is one of the most intelligent games that people can take up.

Author: Cherno Omar Bobb