Cheikh Diop’s attempt to set himself on fire in front of Macky Sall’s palace

Wednesday, November 07, 2018

In Senegal, a man drained himself with gasoline before he set himself on fire in front of the gates of the Presidential Palace. Who is this man? Why did he try to kill himself in such a horrible way? Anyhow, Macky Sall’s name is at the center of the debate of this great headline in this West African Nation.

A handicap tried to set himself on fire this Friday November 2nd 2018 in front of the gates of the Presidential Palace and caused himself serious injuries. Saved at first by a passerby that used his fire extinguisher to stop the blazes, Cheikh Diop was rushed to ‘Hopital Principal’ of Dakar after a difficult intervention from the fire department. He has been admitted in the emergency ward for intensive care. His current condition is not life threatening.

Who is Cheikh Diop?

Aged in his forties, Cheikh Diop is a former detainee at the Penitentiary Correctional Facility of Rebeuss where he was sentenced in July of 2016. He was victim of a medical malpractice during which a nurse of the correctional facility injected him wrongly thus leading to the amputation of one of his arms.

On his way out of jail, Cheikh Diop was received by the Senegalese Minister of Justice, His Excellency Me Sidiki Kaba that had promised to assist him in his procedures for a treatment in France. According to the newspaper ‘Rewmi’, when His Excellency President Macky Sall visited the wounded people during the riots that took place in the Rebeuss prison, he was informed of the case. Tired of waiting and desperate, Cheikh attempted to take his life in front of the Palace’s gates.

 A second case of setting oneself on fire

Wilse the Cheikh Diop case that took the whole country by surprise is still being talked about, another man has set himself on fire. His name is Baye Pouye, a carpenter. The man, according to the Senegalese newspaper ‘VoxPopuli’, soaked himself with gasoline before burning himself while still conscious and alive. His body has been evacuated to Thies. The reasons for his suicide are still unknown, however, some are mentioning financial problems while others are talking about a Real Estate battle.

Author: Mussa Sallah