Chambaii Music signs Kaybee

Friday, September 14, 2018

Karamo Banja, commonly known as Kaybee by his peers and Kaybee Banja on stage, is a Gambian Hip Hop and the only Grime recording artiste. He has been working with NoFlexZone crew and currently with Chambaii Music (

Kaybee recently signed a 3-year contract with Chambaii Music, making him the second signee since the label started its functions.

He will work on numerous EPs, video clips, vlogs and also make Afro-grime popular in the music scene. His favorite rappers are Kendrick Lamar, J.Cole, Stormzy, J-hus, Mist and dreams of one day being in their league one day and why not collaborate on projects with these acts.

At the age of 22, Kaybee Banja recorded his first song which was NFZ (NoFlexZone) at Kfli records, then he dropped his second single “Nyil Tujeh”. He then started gaining more interest in Grime music a genre that hailed from UK underground scene but gained popularity within the years and became urban mainstream music everyone listens to.

Kaybee later dropped a track called Manding Grime a fusion of local dialect, Mandinka and english with a unique style of delivery making it the first Gambian rapper to be hailed King Of Grime a title still holds without doubt. Kaybee is also known to have worked with famous New Era Rapper Mass Murda in a track titled “Foi Mang Ntol jeh” meaning “Didn’t You See us, to put a stamp on his skills to what he knows best he went on and dropped another Banger with Runway artist and mainstream act Chanta in a track called Run, critically acclaimed by his fans and peers.

Kaybee Banja was Born in Tabokoto and raised in Abuko. He also spent some time in brikama a town that is known to produce one of the country’s most prominent talents both in music and sports but now resides in Paradise Estate.

Kaybee Banja has performed numerous events as an independent artist at Alliance, Jama Hall and Brikama Jokor

Kaybee is currently studying Accounting and Finance and intends to start his own business once with a degree and become a business mogul and a accounting expert, he is ambitious and have the drive to achieve big things.

Author: Njie Baldeh