Celebrity corner

Friday, February 16, 2018

In this week edition of the celebrity corner, we feature Barhama Cham, a Gambian journalists and Tee S Jay’s manager.

Celebrity Corner:  One sentence about you?

Barhama:  Gambian artist.

Celebrity Corner:  Where do you live?

Barhama:  I live in Sanchaba.

Celebrity Corner:  What is your favorite colour?

Barhama:  My favorite colour is blue.

Celebrity Corner: Why do you choose blue?

Barhama:  I love blue because I find myself connected to it. It gives me joy.

Celebrity Corner:  what is your source of inspiration?

Barhama: My source of inspiration is listening to Bob Marley’s songs.

Celebrity Corner:  Who is your favourite artiste?

Barhama:  I have many favorite artistes but Bob Marley is my most favourite one.

Celebrity Corner:  What is your favorite track?

Barhama:  My favorite track is Redemption song by Bob Marley.

Celebrity Corner:  What is your greatest achievement?

Barhama:  My greatest achievement is singing an opening song at the recent Youssou Ndoure concert.

Celebrity Corner:  What is your next step in career?

Barhama:  Getting myself and my group Kerr GI Family to the international market because it is time.

Celebrity Corner: Who is your role model?

Barhama:  My role model is Oussou Njie Senor.

Author: Isatou Ceesay-Bah