CARE for Kids Foundation supports vulnerable children

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

The National Coordinator Care for Kids Foundation The Gambia, Ms Maimuna Jawara has said that Care for Kids Foundation, is a non-profit-making organisation working to improve pediatric care and provide assistance to vulnerable children in The Gambia.

She said the new organisation aims to uplift the standard of living of the needy and vulnerable children, who live in very poor neighbourhood.

Ms Jawara made this disclosure in an interview with The Point, saying that charity work has always been her passion with a resume of volunteering towards girls’ education.

“We will support them by assisting them through education and we plan to build home for orphanage which will include all the facilities,” she stated.

Care for Kids Foundation is operating in The Gambia and in the United States of America.

Currently, as a business executive, her perception of investing in girls education may well be the highest return on investment available in the developing world.

According to Ms Jawara, they would embark on funding-raising in The Gambia and the United States to get more funds.

She said their next project was to get children off the streets, especially children selling on the streets, as they are vulnerable to child sex tourism. “We will form partnership with Child Protection Alliance (CPA) and ChildFund to get vulnerable children off the streets in The Gambia, especially children selling on the streets.”

She disclosed that they would be working towards eliminating child marriage, especially in the urban areas by targeting different areas.

She said some men are now using the social media to target young girls for marriage by taking advantage of their poverty and the lack of awareness.

She said when their project is launched a massive sensitisation would be done in the Kombos.

Author: Yai Dibba