Capsized fishing boat claims 3 lives

Friday, January 25, 2019

A capsized boat has claimed the lives of three individuals on board on Tuesday 15 January 2019, sources informed The Point.

The incident is believed to have taken place at Tanji, a place that hosts the country’s biggest fish landing site.

Foday Sarr and Babucarr Jawara both Senegalese drowned in the incident. A Gambian who is known as Modou is also believed to have drowned.

The boat was reportedly sailing at 600 nautical miles at the time of the accident. The victims were found by a Senegalese fishing boat navigating from neighbouring Casamance.

Kalilu Sissoho, a fisherman at Tanji fishing site told our correspondent that they learnt the mystery surrounding the capsized boat through a phone call from a sailing fishing boat from Abena, Casamance.

He explained that the sailing boat ferried the capsized boat offshore after finding the empty capsized fishing boat with an engine.

“It is shocking that for over a week no one at the fishing center could explain the condition of the three missing individuals”, he said, adding that everyone at the fish landing site was aware of the unfortunate accident.

A senior navy official stationed at Tanji Fish Landing Site informed our correspondent that when such incidents occur, they would immediately send a rescue team. But this time, he said, they were not informed of the accident.

Author: Yusupha Jobe