Candidate Assan Martin synergies with Papa Njie

Tuesday, May 08, 2018

Assan Martin, an independent aspiring mayoral candidate has synergied with Papa Njie, another aspiring independent candidate to vie for Kanifing Municipal Council mayorship in the May 12 Mayoral election.

The two candidates signed a Memorandum of Understanding- MoU- on Friday at Papa Njie’s office in Fajara. Some three weeks back, another three independent candidates Gibbou M. Saidy, Pa Coker and Babucarr Jeng also joined forces with Papa Njie.

Assan Martin explained that he has an ambition and vision and decided to partner with Papa Njie when he found that they share virtually the same action plan. “I believe that only an independent candidate can move the council as expected by the people because if any of the parties win the seat, the council will be changed to a political bureau. I was looking for good candidate to synergise with and Njie was the convincing one because he is determined and capable.”

Papa Njie thanked Mr. Martin for choosing to synergise with him, saying they have one common goal; that is to transform Kanifing Municipal Council into a working place and not a political bureau. “It is time for KMC to have good leaders who can take the responsibilities of the council. I call on all the electrotes to join me because KMC wants an independent candidate and majority of the independent candidates have joined me to work, if elected.”      

Author: Pa Modou Cham