Cabinet deliberates government supply-side in telecoms market

Monday, February 25, 2019

In their second special meeting in 2019, Gambia’s cabinet deliberated on a joint paper presented by the Ministers of Finance and Information Communication on the outcome of an options-study for restructuring government supply-side participation in the country’s telecoms market.

 After thorough deliberation on the options in the study on February 21, Cabinet agreed on the recommendations from Gamcel and agreed that Gamtel will be repositioned and restructured first then divests its shares.

 They also agreed that the restructuring will ensure that Gamcel operates under independent management free from Gamtel’s control and influence. “Cabinet endorses the recommendation that Gamtel be restructured and repositioned, to make it more effective and efficient,” a statement from the presidency stated.

Cabinet further agreed that the liberalization of the international gateway should be expedited, with the full-blown monitoring system which will be managed by the country’s utility authority; PURA.