BWINNER S. Net Company pays over half a Million dalasi to two jackpots winners

Wednesday, January 30, 2019

BWINNER S. Net, one of the leading Lebanese Company  in the term of giving back to the community, on Monday paid  more than half a million dalasi to two of their winning customers.

The two who prefer anonymity, the first  won (D450,000. 00) while the second  also  that won the jackpot of the 28th January 2019, received D104,000.00) respectively. 

This company was setup and operated by two Muslim Lebanese brothers based in The Gambia.

The first winner plays 12 team tickets and gets a chance of winning (D450, 000.00).

Speaking at the presentation the Chief Executive Officer of BWINNER s. Net Company said this company has been operating in the markets for while now since during the former regime.

He said this company is open for every one apart from children below (18) years of age which is not allow to play this game.

He said the objective is to transform and improve the livelihood of the people  of The Gambia. He added that this company is a game changer as  the more you play, the more chance of winning millions of dalasi that can easily transform your life.

He said this company have about six outlets operating within the Greater Banjul, thus Tallinding, Brusubi, Banjul, Bakau and Tipa- garage.

According to the CEO, one of their objectives is to ensure that, their customers do not walk for distance to go and play this game and this is why this company deem it necessary to provide outlets at the doorsteps of their customers in various locations.

He also made it clear to their customers that the chance of winning depends on the customer, as you can play as much as one hundred teams, and the minimum ticket is twenty five dalasi.

According to the CEO, this company has been in the Gambia since during the former regime, under the leadership of dictator Ex-president Jammeh and was closed down for one reason or other.

 He said with the coming of this new Government under the leadership of President Adama Barrow all games companies were opened for business.

 He said this was a big strive for the current government in ensuring that investors and business people operates freely in The Gambia to boost the Gambian Economy. We are delighted with the currently government for creating the enabling environment for business people to operate in line with the laws of The Gambia. We, business operators will continue to be law-abiding and respect all obligations due to the states.

He said this company is not only a profit making entity , but also to give back to their customers, just by winning twenty five dalasi tickets can make you to have the chance of winning one hundred  thousand dalasi.

According to the CEO, currently this company have about one hundred agents which are all Gambians. He added that the aim of this company is also address the issues of unemployment, poverty and transform the livelihood of the people in our society or communities.

He said this company is committed compliment government effort by providing huge employment for the young people of this country. 

He also stated that the minimum playing ticket is twenty five dalasi and the maximum wining is one million dalasi therefore once can play up to one hundred teams game, and the chance of winning depend on the customer.

According to him on the 28th January another customers won D104,000.00 by playing one hundred dalasi and today his life has been change. He added that this company is one of the trusts worthy company who waste no time to pay their customers money jackpot as soon as they declared winners of the jackpot.

 He said this company employed only young Gambians, with the aim to empower them and ensure that they are engage and avoid loitering in the street. He also explained that this company is not only into playing game making profit but also give back to the communities through its  corporate  social responsibility. He concluded that one of these objectives of this company is ploughing back to the community and put more smiles to their faces of the Gambian people.