Butcher attacked, robbed at Bundung 6 Junction

Monday, February 26, 2018

A butcher at Abuko is reported to have been attacked by four unidentified men early Friday morning and robbed him off some money.

Abdoulie Jatta, a resident of 6 Junction in Bundung told The Point last Friday that the ugly incident occurred around 5:30 a.m. that early Friday morning while he was going to his meat shop at Abuko. “I was walking on the road side to take transport on the main road to Abuko but they attacked and completely robbed me off everything I was having,” Mr. Jatta said.

He said the four men were in a taxi and during the attack; one of them was holding a stick, one with a cutlass and the other with something that he said looks like a spray.

Mr. Jatta explained that while he was going, the four men came out from the taxi and surrounded him and one of them started kicking and slapping him until he fell to the ground and they took D1, 035 from his pocket.

He said he was saved after the four men saw a vehicle coming with full light which scared them and they ran away, but added he could not see or take the number plate of the taxi because it was dark. “When they were beating me, I defended myself to avoid being harmed. While defending myself, they stamped me on my ribs and all over my body,” Mr. Jatta said.

He said after the incident, he was picked by a man in his car who later gave him D50 to pay fare to be able to reach at his shop. “I later reported the matter to Bundung and Abuko police stations.”

Mr. Jatta said he has been working for the past eight years as a meat supplier but such attack had never happened to him. He urged people to be vigilant and also called on the government to strengthen the country’s security. 

Author: Abdoulie Nyockeh
Source: Picture: Abdoulie Jatta