Businesswoman testifies in breaking and stealing case

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Jane Bendu, a businesswoman yesterday testified in the trial involving one Wilfred Silvanus, who is accused of store breaking and stealing before Magistrate Abeke of the Kanifing Magistrates’ Court.

Bendu told the court that she lives in Sanchaba Sulay Jobe and works as a businesswoman, adding that she recognized the accused through his younger mother named Fatima who normally comes to her house and collect her stuffs on whole sale basis.

She said Fatima visited her everyday and when she moved to her new house Fatima also moved in with her and she gave her (Fatima) a room in her house.

According to her, when she went back to the UK, the accused moved in and lived with Fatima.

She came with a container of food stuffs, carpets and cosmetics in October 2016, stating that then the election was approaching and she put her stuffs in her garage and instructed Alieu Kebbeh that she was leaving the said stuffs with the keys, and went back to UK.

She narrated that one day she got a call from a man call Bakary who said he went to her house, met the accused in and he saw the latter with some carpets and cosmetics.

She said she asked Bakary about where he saw the accused with the stuffs and Bakary said the accused opened her garage and showed him the said carpets and cosmetics and wanted to sell them to him but the price was high.

Bendu said she then told Bakary that she did not give any keys of her garage to the accused and Bakery also told her that he even saw her green jeep, adding that at that time she was convinced that the accused had access to her garage.

She said she called Alieu Kebbeh to go the house and called the accused and Bakary to let the three of them open the said garage, adding that Alieu find out that the carpets, and virgin fertilizer hair oil were missing.

She said she left 117 carpets and when they counted 71 carpets as well as 40 cartons of virgin fertilizer hair oil were missing; each carton contains 12 pieces.

Bendu said she asked the accused where her stuffs were through Alieu because he was the only one living in the house as a result of driving everyone out and the accused said he didn’t know.

She explained that she then instructed Alieu to go and report the matter at the police station because the accused was the only one living in the house.

She revealed that she never employed the accused person, adding that when she came back to The Gambia she went to the police and lodged a complaint.

The case was adjourned until 15 November, for cross-examination.  

Author: Isatou Senghore-Njie