Burr Promotion Holds Face to Face ahead of 7th April Combats

Monday, March 19, 2018

Ahead of the much anticipated wrestling contest between Double Tyson of Kaolack and African Nuarr of Gambia, Burr Touray Promotion on Friday held a face to face at the Friendship Hostel.

On April 7, a mouthwatering grand wrestling contest will be held between Gambia’s African Nuarr and Double Tyson from Kaolack in Senegal at the Independence Stadium in Bakau. There will also be nine other combats on the same evening.

To be organised by Burr Touray Promotion, the wrestling is expected to attract thousands of spectators. Wrestling is the most watched local sport in the country after football. After years of dormancy, efforts are underway to revive the country’s traditional sports.

The organisers say the contest will come three days after Senegalese Independence on 4th April and is one way of thanking President Macky Sall for his support to The Gambia.

Burr Touray told this reporter in an interview that he is proud to return to wrestling promotion as a Gambian and as part of his many contributions to the development of sport in the country. “Helping the country is helping the President and people supporting him. There will be a total of 10 combats on that night.”

Touray called for sponsors from the private sector, Ministry of Tourism and Culture, and Ministry of Youth and Sports to support the event. “Any form of support extended to us is going back to the wrestlers. The sponsors should really emulate their Senegalese counterparts who are helping wrestling to develop,” he said.

To him, the upcoming wrestling contest is another way of expressing gratitude and thanks to the Senegalese President Macky Sall for his invaluable contribution during the political impasse in the country. “I am dedicating this contest to President Sall to show him that it is not only President Barrow who is appreciative of his contribution.”

Touray used the interview to call on Gambians and Senegalese residing in the country to come out on the day of the wrestling to show solidarity, saying wrestling is one sport that can greatly reduce the number of young people that embark on illegal migration and create more job opportunities for the youth. Aside from that, the wrestling contest will indirectly impact on the economic gains of petty traders who also look forward to such events.” 

Author: Alieu Ceesay