Brikama New York Association supports flood and windstorm victims

Monday, November 20, 2017

Brikama New York Association recently supported 45 households affected by this year’s flood and windstorm with Forty-Five bags of 50kg rice at a ceremony held at the Regional Disaster Management Office in Brikama.

Presenting the rice to the victim families, the association focal person in The Gambia, Ebrima Cham, said the association was established on 31 October 2015, and registered as a non-profit organization in the state of New York as a charitable organization with the Federal Government of the United States.

According to him, the goals of the organisation are to support people of Brikama in its development efforts by partnering with the community to make sure that not only basic necessities are available to every individual irrespective of who they are, but also to make sure all have equal opportunity.

He disclosed that Brikama New York Association was also committed to helping in the areas of education and healthcare delivery for the people of Brikama, stressing that the association would also endeavour to make sure that underprivileged children of Brikama have the needed tools to excel and succeed in school.

According to him, the destructive winds and heavy rains and floods made landfall in the Town of Brikama affecting communities as the gale force of winds and heavy rains with floods, ripped the roofs off homes, buildings collapsed and food stuffs and other personal belongings were washed away.

He said some members of the community were blessed to have their homes and personal properties spared, but many members of the town suffered crippling losses from the flood.

He pointed out that the organization learned with heavy heart the devastation caused by the flood rains to many families, prompting them to intervene in such a humane gesture.

The Chief of Kombo Central District, Alhagie Jammeh K.K. Bojang, in his remark, described the event as historic, saying supporting the affected families would in no doubt ease the burden on them while commending the donors for their humanitarian support and love for their people.

He further stated that the Government of The Gambia has been very committed in supporting the victims and this gesture from the citizens of Brikama in USA was one such way of complementing both the efforts of the Government and the affected families.

On her part, the Regional Disaster Management Coordinator, Binta Sey Jadama, said the forty-five families receiving support are very appreciative of the support.

She said that it would go a long way in reducing the burden on them since they lost all their valuables during the floods.

Fatou Sanyang, and Ebrima Teteh Saidy, beneficiaries both lauded the donors for the humanitarian support given to their people, while praying for their success, long life, unity and oneness at all times. 

Author: Yai Dibba