Brikama Holds Nawettan Draw

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

The draw for the 2018 Brikama Nawettan season was held recently as Sateyba summer biggest football festivity kicks off this weekend with the season traditional curtain raiser; the super cup final between Orlando Magic FC and Yarambamba Football Academy FC at the Box Bar Mini Stadium in Brikama.

Thirty-two (32) teams are set to compete for this year’s Nawettan championship and the teams are divided into eight groups of four teams each.

The groupings for the annual biggest football jamboree are as follows.


Group A                                                                               Group B

1. Amasa FC                                                                         1. Fortune FC

2. Misira United FC                                                               2.Nema United FC                                            

3. Kutajunbul FC                                                                    3. Daru Youths FC

4. Fabou FC                                                                            4. Farato United FC


Group C                                                                                         Group D

1. Talibi FC                                                                                   1. Kabafita United FC

2. G-Sarr FC                                                                                 2.Chimo United FC

3. Alfama FC                                                                                 3. Scovil FC

4. Dangam FC                                                                                4. Sky Power FC


Group E                                                                                        Group F

1. Orlando Magic FC                                                                     1.Diamond Boys FC

2. Ajax Football Academy                                                           2.Greater Tomorrow FA

3. Yarambamba Football Academy                                               3. Berewuleng FC

4. AC Milan FC                                                                                4. Infantry Battalion FC


Group G                                                                                        Group H

1. Darsilami United FC                                                                1.Puntalana FC

2. Santo-Su FC                                                                              2.Jaliba United FC

3. Headquarters/Borderline FC                                                    3.Manduar FC

4. Gidda Youths FC                                                                      4. Congi BI FC

Author: Lamin Darboe