Bravo FIFA!

Wednesday, January 09, 2019

Sport is an integral component in the development of any country. The beautiful game brings unity and peace and as such; it should no longer be seen as leisure but lucrative business which brings foreign exchange and exposure for the country.

The just ended visit to The Gambia by the president of the world football governing body FIFA, Gianni Infantino, is a move in the right direction. The Gambia is at a critical stage and as such needs support from stakeholders to boost its developing sports.

During his one-day visit, Infantino promised to invest a staggering US$6 million for the development of The Gambian football in 2019. This would no doubt go a long way in spearheading meaningful development projects in the country.

Infantino, however, spoke of his admirations of achievements registered thus far in the country, acknowledging that what is happening in The Gambia is something very special compared with others countries.

“The Gambia is a football country and that FIFA is here to help the country develop football and its infrastructure”.

Therefore, these gains should be consolidated and maintained if the country is to make any headway as far as international competitions are concerned.

FIFA’s financial support to countries helps a great deal in championing meaningful developments projects. And this year, the FIFA boss promised to increase its allocated fund to help develop The Gambian football by the year 2019 by 20%. This is a moment of celebration but to also start looking at avenues to help in the overall development of sports in the country.

Remember that The Gambia is watching and gone are the days when few people out of their own personal greed would squander public funds and got scot free. Funds that are meant for sports development in the country should be used for that and nothing else!

“Football is football and talent is talent. But the mindset of your team makes all the difference.”

Robert Griffin III